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Here at Beyer’s ATA Martial Arts we believe that Taekwondo is the missing piece in every person’s life – no matter their age, athletic experience, or personal background. But this art form goes beyond kicks and punches. Taekwondo strengthens the mind and spirit as well as the body. At Beyer’s ATA Martial Arts we will help you master your roundhouse kick AND teach you values of respect, perseverance, and confidence. We are committed to helping each and every student reach their fullest potential. Get started today!


We believe that the Taekwondo skills our students learn are only as good as the environment they learn them in. The key to building a student base that loves Taekwondo is creating a place that feels like home. Read our school values below to discover how we accomplish this in everything that we do.

  • Discipline

    The art of Taekwondo is built on self-discipline. We will help you reach your goals, teach you to work hard, and share skills that will last for life.
  • Self-defense

    Because Taekwondo is founded in self-defense, this feature is learned in every program.
  • Confidence

    Our Taekwondo will help you feel strong, supported, and successful. Join and watch your confidence soar!
  • Strength

    At Beyer's ATA Martial Arts, we create resilient martial artists that are strong in mind, body, and spirit.


  • Fargo ATA Martial Arts is the best kept secret in town that everyone should know about! These guys are amazing!

    Erik Powell


  • Sr Master Beyer is pretty amazing with the kiddos, parents, and instructors. This school is very flexible and extremely welcoming to everyone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

    Sarah Messina Anderson


  • I saw how Sr Master Beyers is with kids and the kids were great. He is a great person and I would love to come back.

    Sabina Aliyeva


  • Great instructors and good class sizes. They get to know your children by name immediately and make them feel seen and heard. My children love it. 👍

    Ashley McGeehan


  • The instructors are amazing and genuinely care about their students. They also make it possible for students with physical or mental limitations to train, develop their skills.

    Kristen Wixo-McGavin